The official PM Kids Camp 2015 ceremony

The official PM Kids Camp 2014 ceremony (02.08.2014)

Jeeps and motorboat (29.07.2014)

Workshops from creating sparkling bath bombs (29.07.2014)

Simulation game from management (27.07.2014)

Olympiad (27.07.2014)

Makeup course (25.07.2014)

English lessons (25.07.2014)

Film production class (23.07.2014)

Basic rules of golf (23.07.2014)

Martial arts classes (23.07.2014)

Zumba workshop made by Zumba Studio Warsaw (23.07.2014)

Visiting the local WOPR branch (23.07.2014)

What is success and what makes it achieve? (22.07.2014)

Knowledge of planning various projects (21.07.2014)

Burning fireplace and rustling woods... (20.07.2014)

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