What are we

Project Management Kids Camp (PMKC) is a charity initiative made possible with the help of the PMI Warsaw Branch. It is aimed at kids living in orphanages and from low-income families and its sole purpose is to organise a two week camp, during which the kids will be able to learn about the idea of project management according to the PMI standards. All this, of course, scaled down to their level and presented in a graspable form.

Mission and Vision

We will always remember our holidays as kids with great fondness and we think that every child should be able to experience an unforgettable adventure like this, where they can meet new friends, grow their skills and passions. We do this by using what we know and have learned in our lives along with the skills developed as project managers. We strive to give them the tools to build up their self-confidence and the feeling that they themselves can create and shape the reality around them. 🙂

Our assets are the people and outcomes. We believe that with the combined help of the volunteers and the sponsors we can the kids the required inspiration and happiness which will follow them even after the camp’s end, when they will start working on their own projects, big and small. 🙂

Agnieszka Krogulec

The initiator and mentor of the project

An interview (conducted in Polish language) with Agnieszka Krogulec, the initiator, mentor and the brain behind the Project Management Kids Camp initiative.

PMKC 2014 edition – The Aeroclub visit

PMKC 2014 edition – The speedboat ride

How we do it

I n the course of the camp the kids take part in creating and leading their own projects by learning the methodology, schemata and different project management tools. The camp’s plan entails project management classes along with various additional attractions including sporting events, interviews, beach-going and trips. The camp also offers English lessons, art, dance and photography workshops, craftsmanship shows and many more.

The project puts emphasis on the development of personal and intellectual skills so crucial for the child’s development, functioning in a group, communication, overcoming of daily difficulties and swift adaptation to changing conditions. Our aim is to implant in the kids the desire to know more about the world, to show them their worth and to pass on our knowledge and experience in the field of project management. Taking part in the PMKC is undoubtedly a huge prize and a chance to fulfil ones dreams and reach ones aims.

Help us make the kids’ dreams a reality and change their world, if only for a bit…

Benefits for everyone…

Taking part in the Project Management Kids Camp gives the participants and volunteers lots of skills and experience, which directly translate into enhancing their relationships and developing competences. In the course of the project, the volunteers are able to choose their fields of expertise such as: communication, integration, formalities, sponsoring and programme. Thanks to this division they can actively work and expand their skills. As an additional bonus they also receive the motivation to reach our goal – to give the kids from orphanages and low-income families the best and most awesome summer holiday ever. 🙂

The sole concept of the project is of dual nature. On one side there is a group of PMI volunteers who, divided into groups, learn how to cooperate, think creatively and solve problems of a formal as well as personal matter. On the other side all activities are fully in line with the PMBOK Guide rules for project management, thanks to which people of different age and education can gain new skills in, above all, creating project documentation: the project charter, risk and issue log, communication channels, workflows and milestones management.

There are multiple workshops planned during the camp, where experienced volunteers, in real life working as subject matter experts and accredited trainers, will shared their project management knowledge and positive energy.


The Project Management Institute (PMI) supports the volunteers’ work by providing content support and technical help through channels such as the PMI web page ( , the Strefa PMI magazine ( and many more.

Szymon Pawłowski

Editor-In-Chief of Strefa PMI magazine

„W pełni wspieramy inicjatywę PMKC dzięki której najmłodsi zyskują kluczowe umiejętności planowania oraz organizacji pracy, które będą im niezbędne w zawodowym życiu.”

Szymon Pawłowski, Editor-In-Chief of Strefa PMI magazine

Małgorzata Kusyk

President of PMI Poland Chapter

„Projekty społeczne takie jak PMKC od zawsze odgrywały ważną rolę w działalności PMI w Polsce. To świetna okazja do rozwoju, zarówno dla uczestników jak i wolontariuszy. Dla dzieci to szansa nabycia niezbędnych w życiu umiejętności, a dla wolontariuszy to poligon przygotowujący do roli Project Managera, mentora, czy lidera.”

Małgorzata Kusyk, President of PMI Poland Chapter

PMKC 2014 edition – fizzy bath-soap creation workshop

PMKC 2014 edition – Zumba workshop

The role of PMI

The idea of PMKC is also to be the source of knowledge for all things PMI along with creating a method to fulfil the PMI statutory aims. But of course, the ones standing at the very heart of PMKC are the kids and they alone are the core of the initiative. Their smiling faces are the biggest motivation of all. 🙂

In the course of the PMKC project we wish to give the kids a unique opportunity to gain, try and use the information relating to project management, all this in the form of fun and interesting activities. Thanks to this knowledge the children gain project awareness which,  in a few years, will prove very useful for them, no matter their future career path. 🙂

How all this influences lives

We truly hope, that with this we can show these young, intelligent people, that they have control over their lives. Even though they face difficult, often dramatic challenges, they can still achieve great success by regular and systematic work, resilience and discipline in following their dream.

Project Management Kids Camp 2014

English Camp The inspiration for the Project Management Kids Camp in the mazowieckie voivodeship was the English Camp, with a successful and continuous run since 2004 thanks to the Gdansk PMI Branch. More information about this project can be found at

Project Management Kids Camp 2014 was the first Warsaw edition of the two-week camp for 21 kids from orphanages, the camp took place in Serock. The main theme was “The making of a movie – from start to finish”. The kids had the unique opportunity to work closely with filmmaking professionals. Additionally, the camp’s programme included communication, teamwork along with creative and critical thinking classes.

The available infrastructure in the area of the camp

Project Management Kids Camp 2015

This year’s edition is directed mainly at kids raised in low-income families, devoid of chances for a stable intellectual growth and at kids from orphanages. The Camp is planned to house around 30 and provide the basics of project management education and a multitude of other activities. A group of volunteers is hard at work preparing the schedule and plan to help the kids gain various skills to be used in everyday life. Similarly to last year’s edition, the Camp will take place at the end of July in Serock.

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